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Lisa Wechsle 先生 Lisa Wechsler 先生

米国トップの MBA スクール (Darden Graduate School of Business) で MBA 在校生 を相手に履歴書の作成・面接トレーニング等を指導していた Lisa 先生が この度「面接指導の Professional が語る『面接の極意』」というコラムを持つことになりました。MBA、外資系企業就職の面接を控えた方は必見です!!

For this column, I will focus on MBA interviews but these points are transferable to job interviews as well. To apply this advice to a job interview, simply replace the phrase "MBA school" with the word "corporation".

It is essential that you come prepared to a MBA interview prepared to discuss your skills and accomplishments that are &quto;transferable" to this MBA school in particular and, importantly, how you are an "excellent match" for this MBA school in particular. You can accomplish this objective through RESEARCH.

5 Steps to Conducting Effective Research:
  1. Research the school's website.

    Learn as much as you can about the school. What are its strengths, core values, current objectives, recent news, etc? Try to decipher what makes the school unique. Most importantly find out specific components of the school that match very well with your skills, experiences and goals. It is then your job to outline the ways in which you are an "excellent fit" for the school. This essential component of interview research must be conducted and prepared in advance of the interview in order have a convincing impact during the interview.

  2. Research the school through news sources such as Business Week, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.

    It is extremely useful to learn what external sources are saying about the school. What are current issues, strengths, and areas for improvement for the school, as viewed by the business community at large? Demonstrating that you are up to date on recent news and trends regarding the school will show that you are serious about the school during the interview.

  3. Talk, email, or meet with alumni and/or current students

    In an interview, often the most persuasive information comes from demonstrating that you have taken the time to learn from current students and/or alumni about how they have benefited most from this school in particular. By learning firsthand the strengths, areas for improvement, as well as the goals of the school from current students and alumni, you will gain important information to help you prove how you an "excellent fit for the school".

  4. Incorporate this information into your answers throughout the interview.

    Of course, this information should guide the reasons why you are most interested in this school in particular. By demonstrating how your strengths match up with the strengths of this school in particular, you will surely succeed in the interview.

  5. Let this information guide the development of the questions you ask at the conclusion of the interview.

    At the end of the interview, be sure you have at least two very well thought out questions that demonstrate your research, insights and interest in the school. This is a great way for you to distinguish yourself from other applicants. Ask questions about specific programs, values, or strengths of the school that you are most interested. Reference the research that you have conducted. Let your questions demonstrate your interest and research in the school.

    Overall, the more that you show you are an "excellent match" with the school, the more effective you will be in the interview. A multi-tiered research approach will help you to accomplish this important interview objective!


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